America loves addictive white powder

May 31, 2017 by Joshua
in Nature

I met a friend at a café even though I don’t drink coffee. He ordered a croissant, which was coated with confectioners sugar.

Looking around the café, I noticed nearly everyone had ordered some similar sweet baked products—donuts, cupcakes, and so on. No one was eating anything with nutrition besides calories. The products looked like they gave pleasure—a moment away from the challenges of life. Eating this candy, makes you think about anything else. An escape.

Though I normally associate cafés with coffee, this one seemed to supply as much sugar as coffee. Probably most of them do these days.

I couldn’t help but think of an opium den. Why is refining the powder that makes you feel good and your troubles go away illegal from poppy but legal from sugar cane?

Declining his offer for a bite, I felt like someone passing on sampling a drug in a room where everyone was on that drug.

I don’t know how the people indulging in it felt.

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2 responses on “America loves addictive white powder

  1. Interesting post Josh. I agree that we do engage in mindless eating and eating that makes us feel good. What are your thoughts on the following: (a) your friend had selected a plate of strawberries or a healthier choice and had a similar experience and (2) is mindful eating an escape from the world to focus only on being in the moment?


    • For (a), do you mean if my friend ordered strawberries and everyone else in the cafe was still eating the typical fiber-removed, packaged so-called comfort food? I’d probably feel the same way except I’d accept an offer to eat any strawberries he offered. Especially if they were like the ones I bought at the farmers market yesterday — more flavorful and juicier than what I find at stores, and without packaging.

      For (2), paying attention to eating can be an escape for people looking for escape. It can be other things too.

      I’m not sure if I understood the question… or if it was one question or two.

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