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Prince’s Quirky Anti-Celebrity Habit Showed His Class Beyond Mere Fame

on April 23, 2016 in Art, Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Habits,

My article yesterday, “Prince’s Quirky Anti-Celebrity Habit Showed His Class Beyond Mere Fame,” begins Prince’s Quirky Anti-Celebrity Habit Showed His Class Beyond Mere Fame Today’s celebrities seek fame, trying hard to promote themselves. Prince was more dedicated to his craft and community, as his relationships showed. My first thought on learning Prince died was how my friends Corianna and Brianna, better known as Coco and Breezy, had been telling[…] Keep reading →

Why Entrepreneurs Are Today’s Artists (My Inc. article today)

on March 25, 2016 in Art, Awareness, Creativity, Entrepreneurship,

Read my article on Inc. today: “Why Entrepreneurs Are Today’s Artists” It begins Why Entrepreneurs Are Today’s Artists What is today’s greatest source of creativity, expression, social change, progress, innovation, introspection, performance, determination, struggle, challenge, and even truth and beauty? Artists change how we see and think about the world. Visiting Paris’s Musee D’Orsayfor the first time in twenty years made me wonder if artists today are changing how we[…] Keep reading →

If you’re thinking, you’re not doing

on March 14, 2016 in Art, Creativity

After most of my life valuing thinking about things and planning before doing, I’ve found acting first works better in many situations. And that thinking and theorizing inhibit getting things done. I’m not saying to act thoughtlessly. Everyone knows the problem with that. I don’t think everyone knows the problems with the converse: thinking without acting. The words of my teacher for my movement class when I took acting a[…] Keep reading →

My Inc. piece today: How Beatles Producer George Martin Succeeded Where Every Label Failed

on March 9, 2016 in Art, Choosing/Decision-Making, Entrepreneurship,, Models, Perception

My post at Inc. today, “How Beatles Producer George Martin Succeeded Where Every Label Failed,” begins: How Beatles Producer George Martin Succeeded Where Every Label Failed George Martin signed the Beatles in 1962 after every British label rejected them. How the experts missed the opportunity happens more than you think. I played Abbey Road until the stylus on my child’s cheap record player destroyed each groove from Come Together to[…] Keep reading →

The value of dramatic theater

on December 21, 2015 in Art, Awareness, Creativity

Theater has been around forever even though people don’t attend performances that much. Most people I know see more paintings and read more books than they see performances on stage. Have you ever wondered … why theater has stood the test of time as an art so much? … why so many cultures have theater of some sort? … why Shakespeare ranks so highly among cultural icons? … why we[…] Keep reading →

Why leadership and entrepreneurship training can learn from acting training

on November 10, 2015 in Art, Education, Exercises, Leadership

Longtime readers know a big inspiration for how I teach leadership and entrepreneurship is how we teach acting, based on the self-awareness, emotional expression, mutual support, and ability to perform I see in great actors. Leaders and entrepreneurs can use many of the same skills, and much of my teaching practice involves using what works in teaching acting for teaching leadership and entrepreneurship, with appropriate changes. To learn the training[…] Keep reading →

Seeing my inspiration, Inside The Actors Studio, live

on October 12, 2015 in Art, Education, Entrepreneurship, Exercises, Leadership

If you’ve talked to me in the past few years, you’ve heard how watching Inside The Actors Studio inspired me to learn how actors came to excel so much at skills leaders in other areas of life work hard to achieve but rarely do. On top of that, many great actors on the show dropped out, were kicked out, or otherwise didn’t finish much school. Meanwhile, graduates of Ivy League[…] Keep reading →