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Using Emotions As a Leadership Essential

on September 8, 2017 in Education, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

Joan Sotkin hosts The Prosperity Show podcast and today posted “Using Emotions As a Leadership Essential,” her conversation with me. The show’s subtitle is A holistic approach to business and financial success, which is what we covered: business from a holistic perspective—about emotions, motivations, learning, and more. It’s what she covers in general, without getting ethereal or too theoretical. As a bonus you get to hear birds chirping in the[…] Keep reading →

Last chance to improve your coaching with free admission to the premier online coaching summit for two readers!

on August 30, 2017 in Education, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

Yesterday I announced that I’m offering two free passes to my readers for the premier online coaching summit—World Business and Executive Coach Summit (WBECS) online summit—which starts TOMORROW. If you’re interested in one of those passes, email me how it will help you help others. Please make the subject “Spodek WBECS”. I’ll pick two people at random today who are subscribed to my newsletter (my page has subscription forms). A[…] Keep reading →

Want Ambition? Advice From 5 Achievers

on August 7, 2017 in Entrepreneurship,

My Inc. story today, “Want Ambition? Advice From 5 Achievers,” begins Want Ambition? Advice From 5 Achievers The ambitious secrets of a TED resident, a Broadway star, a Marvel artist, a MakerBot executive, and the entrepreneur bringing them together Ambition. It gets things done. Most Inc. readers have it. Some wish they had more. Many hide theirs. Too many, if you ask me. Like determination, resilience, self-awareness, and grit, among other properties, successful[…] Keep reading →

NYU Students Speak About Joshua Spodek’s Entrepreneurship and Leadership Courses

on July 15, 2017 in Education, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

I recently met with two groups of students who took my leadership and entrepreneurship courses at NYU, Charlie Rose-style. I believe the 9 students represent the experiences of the majority of students who took my courses and did the exercises conscientiously. They included undergraduates who took my courses as freshmen and adult professionals founding or running successful businesses they founded and ran for decades. These videos are the first of[…] Keep reading →

I’m not a total failure

on July 14, 2017 in Entrepreneurship, Leadership

My passion lately has been my talk and other work on leadership and the environment. I’ve progressed a lot by the measure of my talk going farther without triggering automatic responses to push back. But by the important measure of someone agreeing to change behavior to pollute less, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, consume less resources, or the like, as of this morning, I couldn’t think of anyone who took on[…] Keep reading →

Happy 200th Birthday to Henry David Thoreau

on July 12, 2017 in Entrepreneurship,, Leadership, Nature

My post on today, “Happy 200th Birthday to Henry David Thoreau,” (the editors changed the headline) began Happy Birthday to Henry David Thoreau, a True Family Businessman The entrepreneur and supporter of self-reliance, simplicity, and small government was born 200 years ago. 200 years ago today, Henry David Thoreau was born. July is a big Thoreau month. On July 4, 1845 he moved to live by Walden Pond, pictured[…] Keep reading →

Entrepreneur Magazine quoted me on Nelson Mandela

on July 11, 2017 in Entrepreneurship, Leadership

Joshua Steimle quoted me today in Entrepreneur’s “11 Modern Leadership Lessons from History’s Masters: Helen Keller. Theodore Roosevelt. Ann Bradstreet. Nelson Mandela: Who inspired you?” I’m honored to be a member of an ensemble cast of authors, gurus, and influencers including Simon Sinek, Robert Cialdini, Marshall Goldsmith, Geoff Smart, Gretchen Rubin, Ryan Holiday, Leonard Kim, and more. I had recently finished reading Nelson Mandela’s autobiography when Joshua interviewed me, so[…] Keep reading →