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Refrigerating junk we don’t even have room at home for?!

on September 19, 2017 in Awareness, Nature

What are we doing?! I can’t believe how dissociated we are to what we’re doing to our world and not stopping ourselves, or seeing that we’re making our lives worse in the process. Case in point: this advertisement I saw walking home from teaching the other day. In case you don’t know, Manhattan Mini Storage rents closets you can store your stuff in. They have locations throughout the New York.[…] Keep reading →

What will it take to stop us from paving over everything?

on September 16, 2017 in Nature, Visualization

Normally when I think of human achievement, I think of our cultural history. For example, of New York City’s history and value, I think of the Met, MoMA, Columbia, NYU, Central Park, its various other museums, concert halls, and so on. This Manhattan looks like quite an achievement: From another perspective, we as humans have turned nature into culture but also lifeless concrete. We came into a world full of[…] Keep reading →

Lead Yourself Before Blaming Scientists for Not Solving Global Warming

on September 15, 2017 in, Leadership, Nature

My Inc. article today, “Lead Yourself Before Blaming Scientists for Not Solving Global Warming,” began Lead Yourself Before Blaming Scientists for Not Solving Global Warming Everyone is quick to point fingers. We’re less quick to take responsibility, but that’s what leaders do. Leaders take responsibility. We know the futility of blaming others, however much we indulge in doing so. We can’t change the past. We can, however, act in the[…] Keep reading →

The environment: Little things matter but NOT because they add up

on September 13, 2017 in Awareness, Choosing/Decision-Making, Leadership, Nature

The internet is filled with “10 tips to lower your carbon footprint” and “21 easy ways to help the environment.” Here’s a screen shot: There are too many pages of them to count. They aren’t working. Sure, some people might change a light bulb or two, but greenhouse gas levels aren’t decreasing, nor is pollution, nor resource depletion. The number one problem with “little tips” People say enough little things[…] Keep reading →

Why high intensity interval training works, according to me

on September 6, 2017 in Fitness, Models, Nature

Now that I’ve picked up the habit of high intensity interval training, I’ve developed a belief about it that explains why it increases your cardio-respiratory system so well—that minutes of HIIT exercise can give you the benefit of hours of moderate exercise. Muscles develop when you stress them. You build skeletal muscles by stressing them, such as by lifting as much as you can. If you can left, say, 25[…] Keep reading →

Food comes from dirt, not plastic bags, boxes, and bottles.

on September 4, 2017 in Nature

In my 20s and 30s, in Manhattan, I went to the latest gallery openings and clubs. I even showed my art there and hung out with world-famous DJs. I considered what I did sophisticated and valuable. Maybe because I’m older, maybe because I’m wiser, a main highlight of me summer these days is visiting the farm where my farm-share food comes from. I ate tons of tomatilloes and cherry tomatoes[…] Keep reading →

What could make me give up leading in the environment?

on August 24, 2017 in Leadership, Nature

Following up yesterday’s advice from Dov Baron to answer the 5 whys, the next question he recommend me answering was what could make me give up leading in the environment. My first answer is if people changed their behaviors enough that the work was unnecessary. Since the overwhelmingly most common behavior people show when I prompt them to think about changing their behavior is to justify why they shouldn’t change,[…] Keep reading →