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Sidchas lead to achievement like nothing else

on May 29, 2017 in Exercises, Habits, SIDCHAs

Interviewers tend to ask me two questions: What’s with all the burpees? How did you do all the accomplishments? They don’t realize that doing the sidchas is what achieves the accomplishments. I wouldn’t have expected that connection before starting the sidchas. I can’t really explain it now, but I know that doing the sidchas gets the other things done. From the outside you might see sidchas as taking time and[…] Keep reading →

Tathra Street of the Tall Poppy Podcast interviewed me, and it’s a great conversation

on May 24, 2017 in Audio, Leadership, Relationships, SIDCHAs

Tathra Street hosts the Tall Poppy podcast. Today she posted our wonderful conversation, which covered leadership, burpees, competition, and important things we all wish we talked about more. The top of her page says: Change – Leadership – Wisdom The top of mine used to say: Meaning – Value – Purpose You can tell we’d complement in interests. Anyway, she listened and sounded like she took what I shared to[…] Keep reading →

How a habit forms

on May 17, 2017 in Awareness, Fitness, Habits, SIDCHAs, Visualization

There are plenty of books on habits. Too many, if you ask me. You don’t need books to start habits. In my experience, self-awareness will get you farther. In particular, starting new behavior creates new emotions and reactions. Paying attention to them will guide you how to follow up to improve them more than reading—if you pay attention to everything you can. That level of self-awareness takes time and effort[…] Keep reading →

The Create Your Life radio interview with Kevin Brown

on May 12, 2017 in Audio, Fitness, SIDCHAs

Today Kevin Brown, host of the Create Your Life radio show and podcast, released his interview of me. Kevin and I met public speaking and became friends. He got me to share a painful anecdote I’ve never shared publicly before. As hard as it was to share it, I thank him for giving me the space and support to share it. Listen to our conversation! Listen to our conversation! Kevin’s[…] Keep reading →

Can I pick your brain? … Daniel Gefen’s wonderful, funny, penetrating interview of consistency and greatness you can achieve

on April 28, 2017 in Audio, Choosing/Decision-Making, Fitness, Freedom, Habits, SIDCHAs

I wish I could convey how much fun Daniel Gefen and I had talking before the podcast. I think it comes out in the conversation. Beyond being fun, Daniel went into depth nobody has about something I long wished someone would—the motivation behind the burpees and sidchas. Most interviewers ask about what I do, less about why or the effects. Daniel delved into consistency and how much it can create[…] Keep reading →

A new, trashy sidcha idea

on April 11, 2017 in Habits, SIDCHAs

People who feel inspired to start sidchas sometimes ask me for ideas. Burpees, cold showers, and blog posts seem too much for many to do daily. I thought of a new one, especially for city dwellers: Pick up at least one piece of trash per day from the ground and put it in a trash can. This one has been formulating in my mind for a while. New York City[…] Keep reading →

Experience Less Stress By Being Aware of Your Emotions: The Mindfulness Mode podcast interview with Bruce Langford

on March 30, 2017 in Audio, Awareness, Habits, SIDCHAs

I’ve wanted to share some of my views on mindfulness, which connects with leadership, especially personal leadership, for a long time. Bruce Langford, who hosts the Mindfulness Mode podcast gave me the chance. If you care about mindfulness, leadership, mindful leadership, you’ll value listening to this conversation. We talked about Starting mindfulness What mindfulness is Getting more done through mindfulness Habits and mindfulness Food, eating, and mindfulness The counterproductive results[…] Keep reading →