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May 7, 2013 by Joshua
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Usually I take on clients for a couple months at a time.

I am testing something new: very short-term coaching, as in twenty minutes. On any topic you want — business, personal, family, school, … it’s up to you.

Sound too short?

I bet you already started thinking if you have anything you could get effective help for in twenty minutes. And I bet you could think of something.

And I bet just preparing for a twenty-minute call will get you to organize your thoughts, helping you understand it better and starting to solve it already. Besides, it’s only twenty minutes.

When I coach business school students at Columbia it’s for fifty minutes, and I’ve seen them make big transformations. You can too.

I am offering free twenty-minute phone/skype coaching sessions on any topic you want, Thursday, May 9, 10am to 10pm NYC time. If you are interested, email me your best time slots on the hour or half-hour at

Check out my testimonials for reviews of my work.

First come first served. The better you prepare, the more progress we can make.


To make twenty minutes work best, I recommend preparing

  • What is your issue
  • What has worked
  • What hasn’t
  • What you want
  • How I can help

Even if you don’t call me, I bet just doing that preparation will help.

Learn to make Meaningful Connections

with a simple, effective exercise from my book, Leadership Step by Step.


  • Step by step instructions
  • Video examples of me and Marshall Goldsmith
  • An excerpt from my book

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