Why I don’t drink coffee


I rarely drink coffee—about a cup per decade, maybe. Partly I don’t drink it because I see how dependent people get on it, and how much they spend. Partly because the caffeine affects me so much. I drink it to stay awake only when I consider the reasons I was up late and had to get up early worthy. Otherwise I don’t drink it since I don’t want to reward myself for doing unworthy things with the happiness the caffeine produces. But those are superficial reasons. When I was a kid, the grown-ups said that only grown-ups could drink coffee, not kids. A rule that only grown-ups could drink coffee meant that drinking it meant you were a grown-up. It didn’t mean not drinking coffee meant you were still a kid, but at least you had a chance. So by not drinking coffee, I have a chance at retaining that youthful characteristic. I know a rule existing doesn’t make reality follow it, but I still think about it when declining coffee. I think of it as fun. Plus I learn to avoid the need to stay up late.