First half-marathon of the year

May 23, 2015 by Joshua
in Fitness, Habits, Nature

New York City has a sunny, breezy, dry day in the sixties. Yet another perfect day for running. How could I resist. I’ve made a Memorial Day weekend tradition of my first long runs of the year to start the summer.

Some details that make running fun

  • The saltiness of the sweat mixed in the water when you shower after
  • The exhaustion on finishing
  • Continuing to run when your body says stop but you know you can keep going
  • Running the long downhill on 58th Street from Central Park to the Hudson that you earned running up that hill before
  • The cool breeze on your skin
  • How much water you can drink during and after, and how satisfying it feels—just plain cool water
  • The chafing under your arm not getting so bad that you have to stop
  • Wondering if the chafing in a new spot came from building more muscle
  • The wonderment of being able to start the running season with a seven-mile run, a six-mile run, a three-and-a-half mile run (yesterday), and a twelve-to-fourteen-mile run
  • Enjoying not knowing the exact distance, just feeling how it feels
  • Feeling the tautness of your abs when the fat is mostly gone

I hope your Memorial Day weekend is going as well!

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