Minimum effective behavior

November 6, 2014 by Joshua
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Since my post, “The smallest effective difference,” I’ve meant to list habits and practices I do to reduce my unnecessary effects on things. I plan to add to the list over time as I think of new ones since I feel like I act on the philosophy all the time and it seems short. If you have similar habits and practices, please let me know.

The point of them is not to avoid polluting or waste, although I like those side effects. The point is mainly bringing simplicity, elegance, nuance, and awareness, which I find make life into art.

  • Minimal but effective exercises like burpees
  • Omitting needless words and using simple words
  • Not taking long showers just because they feel good
  • Turning off the light when not in the room
  • Thinking about resources every time you consume them
  • Talking no louder than needed to be heard
  • Putting the laptop screen brightness no brighter than a sheet of paper would look in the ambient light
  • Reusing a sponge instead of a paper towel
  • If you use a paper towel or tissue, use half if you don’t need the whole thing. Use the unused napkins from a restaurant that you brought home.
  • Opening the window shade and turn off the light during the day
  • Cooking vegetables from scratch instead of prepackaged food
  • Walking instead of taking the subway or taxi

Can you help me add to this list with habits and practices of yours?

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