New page design!

October 4, 2013 by Joshua
in Blog

Yesterday I mentioned I would debut a new page design for

Here it is!

You’re only seeing part of it now since, deciding we’d rather release something and force ourselves to fix bugs fast than wait and try to get it perfect, we’re releasing it in stages. So far you’re seeing just the basics Blog and About pages.

If we did it right, you can access the whole blog as usual. If not, please send me bug reports or problems.

Over the next few weeks we’ll open up other sections we’ve already almost finished.

As always, I welcome your thoughts — praise, constructive criticism, … whatever.

Learn to make Meaningful Connections

with a simple, effective exercise from my book, Leadership Step by Step.


  • Step by step instructions
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  • An excerpt from my book

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2 responses on “New page design!

  1. Clean and nice, thumbs up for me

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