On seeing your folks

November 3, 2013 by Joshua
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I followed a link to an interesting site I recommend visiting: seeyourfolks.com. Check it out.

Most of the comments I saw on it found the site depressing — an unwanted, surprising reminder of their mortality and how little they expected to see of their parents.

I found it an effective site, but I hope the people who found it depressing reconsider their responses.

The site didn’t tell you anything you didn’t already know, it only clarified it.

Instead of denying information to keep yourself happy, why not use the information? My 69-year-old mother remarked earlier this year that if she didn’t get around to some of her life goals soon she wouldn’t be able to.

Did she say that out of depression? No, she said it to live the life she wanted even more. She celebrated her 70th birthday bicycle-touring a wine region in France with my step-father, riding something like one hundred kilometers a day.

We can all do the same in our ways.

In my opinion and experience, awareness trumps denial, no matter how blissful the ignorance.

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