Why do readers like the posts I write the fastest so much?

February 10, 2015 by Joshua
in Creativity, Habits, SIDCHAs

Whenever I’m short for time and have to write a post fast to make sure I post that day, I always get emails commenting that they liked the post. Posting here is a SIDCHA of mine, after all, so I don’t miss posting. Sometimes that means posting fast.

I haven’t been keep track scientifically, but I have casually, and I don’t remember a counterexample.

I occasionally get emails saying they liked the post when I spend time on one. I hardly got any comments on some of the posts covering what I consider most valuable.

But the posts I rattle off quick because I don’t have time, people love.

The knee-jerk suggestion is that they’re more spontaneous or from the gut. I’m skeptical of that answer, because I only hear successful writers describe the importance of editing.

I will say that often quick posts come from ideas I’ve thought about writing for a while. This one, for example, is a quick post and I’ve tried to understand and explain this trend for a while. Maybe quick posts have percolated more. But many posts have percolated for a while and don’t get the same attention.

Besides that, any ideas what I’m missing?

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