Run on solid ground

April 8, 2015 by Joshua
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Why do I talk about my daily habits so much?

I was talking to a friend yesterday about them. She told me she didn’t get to exercise as much as she’d like, especially in busy times, and asked how I found time to exercise and write every day.

I asked how she got anything done without a daily routine.

A daily routine gives you and your day structure. Losing that structure, makes it easier to lose track of your values, rushing to do whatever apparently important thing appears before you, doing a lot of work, getting little done. I call that blowing in the breeze.

A daily routine that forces you to think puts things in perspective by giving you standard criteria to measure other things against.

A daily routine that forces you to breathe heavy and get your blood flowing keeps you healthy and keeps you from missing sleep, eating, and relaxation.

Life without sidchas is like running in sand. With them is like running on solid ground.

I recommend running on solid ground. Start your sidcha.

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2 responses on “Run on solid ground

  1. This reminds me of a lesson that Warren Buffet recently gave to students who visited him.

    With poise and incredible wit, Warren Buffett spent over an hour sharing his life lessons. In one such lesson, he compared our lives to a blank canvas with each decision marking the canvas and every habit adding a deeper line. Over time these marks create the outline of our lives. “Did our painting represent our expectations?” he inquired. If not, then we need to modify our habits. Additionally, he noted the importance of focus in his success. Buffett suggested everyone make a list of priorities and focus their attention on the top three items. He reminds us that mastery of our time and emphasis upon key priorities will always aid us in effectively attaining our goals.

    More at

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