The opposite of SIDCHAs helps show their value

November 17, 2015 by Joshua
in Habits, SIDCHAs

If you read my blog you know that SIDCHA stands for self-imposed daily challenging healthy activity. I created the concept and write about it a lot.

Considering its opposite helps illustrate their value and probably also reveals some problems in your life.

The opposite of self-imposed is something others get you to do.

The opposite of daily is irregularly.

The opposite of challenging is easy.

The opposite of healthy is unhealthy.

The opposite of activity is something passive or inactive.

So the opposite of a SIDCHA is something easy you do because someone gets you to, not of your volition, now and then that is unhealthy.

What does that sound like to you?

That sounds like the tasks of a lot of people’s jobs—at least people who don’t like their jobs and complain about what their managers tell them to do.

It sounds like what we do when we succumb to peer pressure: overeating, smoking, gambling, and things like that.

How many anti-SIDCHAs do you have in your life?

Another benefit I’ve found in SIDCHAs is that they lead you to purge anti-SIDCHAs. Good luck purging yours.

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