Six-pack abs for your mind and life

April 2, 2016 by Joshua
in Fitness

A lot of people still think you can lose fat from your stomach by doing sit-ups. Most people know you can’t target where you lose fat.

More importantly, since you can eat calories faster than you can burn them, especially with sugary foods where the fiber has been removed, six-pack abs come from eating less more than from exercising more for most people. It depends on your eating and exercise habits and you can’t rigorously quantify it, but people say losing fat is around 70% or 80% discipline eating and 20% to 30% discipline exercising.

What creates mental fitness?

If physical fitness comes so much from avoiding junk, what do you think leads to mental fitness: more facts or less mental garbage?

What creates business fitness?

What leads to more return on investment, more returns or less waste?

What creates financial freedom?

What leads to more financial fitness, more income or less spending?

I’m not saying I know the answer, at least not for others, but I’ve found the effects consistent in these cases and more.

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