Update #3 on the Union Square display

April 30, 2011 by Joshua
in Art, Education

We made the minimum on the Parsons Union Square kickstarter project! The project raised $5,017, just over the minimum of $5,000 we set (which is still below the what we’ll need, but we’ll figure out how to make it). Here’s the latest updated we sent out.

Update #3: We made it! Thank you!

We made it!

Just barely!

Making it this close ($5,017 out of $5,000) means every contribution counted. Thank you to every one of you from all of us.

We appreciate each of your contributions all the more for each one counting so much. We are that much more dedicated to making a beautiful display.

Whether you contributed to help make New York more beautiful, to help students, to contribute to art, for one of us individually, something else, or a combination, we will make a display that contributes to it.

Right now our focus is on building the display and making great animations for it. It will take a lot more work, but we’re excited to get it up. We’ll keep updating you here about it.

Thanks again!

This isn’t the end, but a great milestone on the way. We’re excited about making the display happen.

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